NiZ Micro 82 Bluetooth Keyboard
NiZ Micro 82 Bluetooth Keyboard
NiZ Micro 82 Bluetooth Keyboard
NiZ Micro 82 Bluetooth Keyboard

NiZ Micro 82 Bluetooth Keyboard

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The NiZ Micro 82 is a compact and fully featured 75% keyboard with Bluetooth functionality and housed in a lightweight ABS shell. It's perfect for on-the-go use, in the office, or heck, as your end-game keyboard.

Actuation force is rated at 35g, but because EC keyboards are so different from MX switch-based mechanical keyboards, the weighting is not comparable to 35g springs in the MX mechanical switch world. These domes are closer to 62g MX springs. While our personal typing weights vary in the MX switch world, we have all unanimously agreed that 35g is the perfect typing weight in the EC/Topre world.


Electrocapacitive (EC) keyboards are renowned for their unique typing feel. They are tactile, smooth, and every key press is even- something MX switches, due to the number of parts involved in a switch, can't accomplish.

They are also pretty quiet! But not dead-silent, being tactile. The stabilizers are also well-tuned and not rattly as some Topre-based keyboards (used in the Realforce and HHKB) are known to be stock.

Technically, EC keyboards are rubber dome keyboards. Unlike typical rubber dome keyboards however, EC keyboards feature individual domes for every key. A coiled spring, which triggers keyspresses upon contact with the PCB, sits under each dome. Because each dome and slider is a separate piece, the EC typing experience is unlike your typical rubber dome membrane keyboard- and very comparable to (some say even better than!) mechanical switches.

It's the best of both worlds!


By default, your NiZ keyboard will come with durable doubleshot PBT keycaps with crisp legends. Choose between black with a Dolch-like keycap colourway, or white with a vintage-inspired-modern white and grey colourway.

You're not limited to the stock keycaps, though! NiZ EC keyboards feature sliders that are compatible aftermarket keycaps. 

Customization is a big part of keyboards as a hobby but Topre EC offerings are typically difficult to find keycaps for. That's because the sliders they use are incompatible with virtually all aftermarket keycaps, which are made to work with MX switches (that + shape!).

This means you can customize your NiZ EC keyboard with a wide range of keycap sets available and match your keyboard to your setup!


If you're looking for a premium typing experience at an affordable price without purchasing kit, soldering, and sourcing individual parts, you can't get better than a NiZ EC keyboard. You get a smoother and more seemless typing experience than you would with other prebuilt offerings from Ducky, Razer, or Logitech (even Topre!), and still get the same amount of customizability as you would with a hot swap mechanical keyboard (use any of your MX keycaps, swap out the domes, and use our lubricants!).


  • Brand: NIZ
  • Switches: N/A; electro-capacitive (EC)
  • Dimensions: Length *Width*Height(31cm*13.3cm*2.5cm)
  • Weight: 995g
  • Keycap: PBT
  • Interface: USB / bluetooth 5.0
  • Polling Rate: 1000HZ
  • Response Speed: 5-10ms
  • Actuation: 2.0/2.5/3mm
  • N-Key Rollover: Yes
  • Repetitive Speed Control: Yes
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac; no Linux software
  • Multimedia Functions: Yes 

Configuration software and firmware for this keyboard can be found here

The English Translated manual can be found here.

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