Information on Lettermail Shipping Service

Many of our customers express confusion over Lettermail service. We have done our best to try to communicate with customers by calling it “Untracked and Uninsured” at the checkout screen.

Please read this article before placing an order with Lettermail shipping. By placing an order with Lettermail shipping, you are essentially claiming to have read this page.

TLDR: if you need fast reliable shipping and are worries about your order getting lost, this service is not for you. There is NO tracking, NO delivery standard guarantees, and NO insurance. If your package is lost or damaged, there is NO recourse! Please opt for tracked shipping services (Expedited, Xpresspost) if you do not want this risk!


Lettermail is an untracked economical shipping service available for small units of select products such as stabilizers, lubricants, springs, and more. Ideal for moments when you need one unit of lubricant or one pack of springs, and paying for tracked shipping is too expensive.

Lettermail Tracking and Delivery Standards

There is no tracking or insurance available for Lettermail shipping. Once a product is lost, there is nothing we can do for you. Use this service at your own risk!

Please do not purchase Route Insurance with your Lettermail order! It will not cover Lettermail packages since these packages do not come with tracking!

This service will take longer to deliver than tracked shipping services. If you are in hurry, we do not recommend this service for you.

Please do not contact us regarding whether your Lettermail order has been shipped. Shipping notifications regarding your Lettermail order is not an automatic process and often done in batch after Canada Post receives the packages. There is also no tracking on Lettermail orders.

Lettermail Packaging

Lettermail will use a specially sized box to protect products in transit. Orders that exceed the weight and size limitations of the service will not qualify for the service.

Changes to Packaging

In order to accomodate the size and weight limitations for Lettermail, we will be rolling out new packaging used for our lubricants, and may change the packaging for other products as needed. Products will continue to be offered in the same quantities and materials- a jar of 5mL grease will still contain 5mL of grease, just in a new jar.