Pickup Services

We offer pickup at our pickup point in the North York area of the GTA and at a wide range of locations across Canada through our shipping partner Chit Chats.

Things you need to know:

  • Pickup services allow you to use the pickup location as a "delivery" address to save on shipping costs.
  • Pickup orders are processed in queue with shipped orders and may not get priority.

Chit Chats Pickup

Chit Chat offers discounted shipping rates to forward your packages to a pickup location near you.

You can check out the locations here. There are plenty across Canada.

Please note: it can take some time for Chit Chats to route your package to you as they may be doing so in batches to save costs.

Our Pickup Point (North York GTA)

You can pick up your order from our pickup location at 180 Wedgewood Drive. Please note this is only a pickup location and we can't show you any products. If you want information on a product, use our chat or consultation service for an appointment.


  • WEEKDAYS (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday): 10 AM - 12 PM, 3 PM - 8 PM
  • WEEKENDS (Saturday, Sunday): 3 PM - 8 PM *
  • HOLIDAYS: Subject to availability. *

If you have selected this option and you cannot make it during our pickup times, it's best to contact us with your preferred date and time ranges. We'll do our best to try to accomodate, but there are limitations:

  • Same day or next day may not be possible due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Climate and weather conditions (rain, snow, winter) 

If there is no response for pickup (usually due to not hearing the door), please message us via the website chat. We can't guarantee we can help due to timing and distance but we can try.

Pickup Instructions:

  1. Wait for your "Ready for Pickup" notification via e-mail. If you do not have a pickup notification, your order is not ready!
  2. Arrive at the pickup location.
  3. Knock at the door and state your name and order number.
  4. Receive your package.

How long will pickup orders be available for?

We recommend that you pick up your orders within 2 weeks of the notification. If you require more time to pick up your order, please contact us via e-mail (support@keypresso.ca) so we are aware of your situation.