[IN-STOCK]  'Frosties' Giant V4 Switches
[IN-STOCK]  'Frosties' Giant V4 Switches
[IN-STOCK]  'Frosties' Giant V4 Switches
[IN-STOCK]  'Frosties' Giant V4 Switches
[IN-STOCK]  'Frosties' Giant V4 Switches
[IN-STOCK]  'Frosties' Giant V4 Switches

[IN-STOCK] 'Frosties' Giant V4 Switches

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'Frosties' Giant V4 Linear Switch 

Jan 3 - Jan 24 est delivery end March

Introducing the Giant V4 switch - recolored from V3 (JWK; the same manufacturer as the popular Alpaca switches)- with a lighter weighted extra long gold-plated spring.

The longer spring inside the housing will become essentially 'pre-loaded', reducing the difference between actuation and bottom out. 

Comes as 58g gold plated spring weights.

Each order is 10 Switches



- Top Housing - PC
- Bottom Housing - Nylon 
- Stem - POM 
- gold plated spring extra long spring.
- no factory pre-lube 
- 5pin pcb mount

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