Shipping Questions:

How does local delivery work?

Local deliveries (GTA location) are done nearly daily over weekdays for those near Toronto.
Local deliveries for Mississauga are done over the weekend.

All orders after 11AM(EST) will be scheduled for delivery on the next business day (for Toronto/GTA). And orders prior to that will be on attempted deliver for that current day.

All orders for Mississauga delivery will be collected Mon-Fri (until 6pm) and be scheduled for delivery over Sat-Sun. Orders after 6pm will be shipped on the NEXT weekend.

How does local pickup work?

Orders will be marked 'ready for pickup' and a email notification will be sent out. Local pickup orders are prepared either within the day, or the next day.

There is no Mississauga local pickup.

How long until my order ships?

Orders are typically shipped the next business day (or occasionally 2). If there are delays to shipping, I will attempt to contact you. At the end of the day, I am one person, I will do my best to fulfill orders as soon as possible.

My shipping / tracking # has been made but has yet to be recorded?

Shipping to US has this happen. There is a, ~1 business day delay before US tracking # has been scanned in.

How do I track my order?

You should receive a email confirmation of the order being received followed by another email containing tracking information (if that shipping method includes it).

How do I make changes (cancel or add) to my order?

Contact us. Either an additional payment or refund will be sent to you.
See https://discord.gg/EnTp2vA and open a ticket or Email. hugo@keyspresso.ca


Help! My tracked package hasn't arrived!

Contact us and we will resend or refund you as per your choice. However, for some orders - on case by case basis and depending on surrounding situation. The responsibility as a vendor ends when the package has arrived at the postal service.We will try our best to help but know that the liability ends there and there's a serious chance that there may be nothing we can do.


Website is in $CAD.

Local Pickup?

Local pick up is available if you would like to do so. We are currently located in North York. Please contact us a time that works for you.

Group Buy Questions:


Due to the nature of these products, we don't accept returns. If you have a problem, we would have to evaluate it on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to email/contact us and we do the best to help you out.

Can I cancel my group buy order?

If the group buy has not ended, depends. Please contact us.

Cancellations will incur a 3% fee due to Payment gateways no-longer return transaction fees. See PayPal Policy here: https://www.paypal.com/ca/webapps/mpp/ua/upcoming-policies-full

Can I combine my group buy order with another product?

No. UNLESS THE PRODUCTS ARE PHYSICALLY THE SAME. Even in the case of a concurrent group buy, production times are not matched. Please ensure you order these products separately.
Example: Switch concurrent GB's can be grouped together. Switch and deskmat cannot.


Other Questions:

Why so few products?

We only like to stock products we believe that we can keep a constant stock of. Otherwise we will run products and label them as limited time. You can always suggest a product to me on Discord.
See https://discord.gg/EnTp2vA