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Created by u/darth_domo, This PCB is designed with additional cuts to allow you to gummy o-ring mount without having to modify your 60% case or file your PCB. 

See the original: video
AndyVNguyen's: Video


  • solder PCB for MX and ALPS switches
  • atmega32u4
  • USB-C (& unified daughterboard footprint / connections if you choose to add later)
  • 60% form factor
  • layout options

    stepped / full caps lock
  • full / split backspace
  • ansi / iso enter
  • full / split left shift
  • full / split right shift
  • ansi / tsangan bottom row with 10u spacebar option
  • south-facing switches
  • no LED / RGB
  • single flex-cut mounting tab under the spacebar to ensure PCB can't "fall out" under extreme circumstances (I don’t recommend cutting fr4, but if done safely, the cut-out area is made large enough that the tab could be removed and the case post shouldn’t interfere with the pcb)
  • possible to use screw-in stabilizer for spacebar (refer to build guide)

Versions Available:

  1. USB-C (left side) SOLD OUT
  2. JST compatible with Universal daughterboard
  3. NEW: both JST + USB C

Which option do I need?

We have noticed many customers are confused regarding what JST breakout means. It means that the PCB does not have a USB C port directly soldered on, but instead breaks out the USB port onto a separate board (called the daughter board). So, both options are technically USB C except one has the port soldered on and the other as it on a separate part. 

JST breakout is advantageous because the USB port location on a keyboard case is not required to be fixed to a particular location such as the left side of the keyboard. It also reduces the likelihood that your PCB will be nonfunctional from USB port problems due to the separation.

The footprints for both a JST port and a a USB C port are present on both of the models, but each has only one option pre-soldered on.

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