[Group Buy] Radiance TKL by 43Studio
[Group Buy] Radiance TKL by 43Studio
[Group Buy] Radiance TKL by 43Studio
[Group Buy] Radiance TKL by 43Studio
[Group Buy] Radiance TKL by 43Studio
[Group Buy] Radiance TKL by 43Studio
[Group Buy] Radiance TKL by 43Studio
[Group Buy] Radiance TKL by 43Studio

[Group Buy] Radiance TKL by 43Studio

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Product Description

Introducing RADIANCE: a design by 43Studio with customizable components allowing you to personalize your keyboard through accent pieces and lighting through the four top accent bars and the case top back plate. By default, your Radiance will include black or polished PVD brass accents. Additional accent pieces are available separately as add-ons. The Radiance also features cutouts along the top and bottom of the case allowing light to radiate. Choose the polycarbonate case or the optional polycarbonate case bottom to maximize your lighting,

Check out the IC thread on Geekhack for more details on the Radiance:

This group buy will run from May 3rd to June 3rd 2021 and is estimated to be fulfilled in Q4 2021.


To purchase add-ons for your Radiance, please visit the add-ons pages. Please be aware that some add-ons are limited to one per customer.

Purchases related to the Radiance group buy can be combined in one order!

Keyboard Specifications

  • Layout Support: WK, WKL or Slim WKL. Please view the images for possible layouts.
  • 6.5 degree case incline
  • Top Mount
  • PCB: QMK-supported; features RGB lighting; available in hot swap (sold separately) and solderable 
  • USB-C Port

Kit Inclusions and Details

Each base kit comes with

  • 1 x TKL case (aluminum, e-coated aluminum, or polycarbonate)
  • 1 x plate (black aluminum)
  • 1 x solderable PCB
  • 1 x plate foam
  • 1 x bottom case foam (note: the PC case will come with a different dampening material- transparent silicone)
  • 1 x PC diffuser 
  • 4 x accent pieces (black aluminum or polished PVD brass)
  • 1 x back plate (matching case colour)
  • screws
  • bumpons

Note: E-White is also available with Green, Blue, or Purple accent choices. These choices are unavailable for other colours and can only be purchased separately as an add-on. Please note that the aluminum plate included with E-White will be Black.

Vendor Proxies

  • NA/CA: Keyspresso (you are here!)
  • ASIA/OCE: Thic Thock https://thicthock.com/products/43-studio-radiance
  • The Philippines:Zion Studios


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