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BNR1 is a multifunction knob, which can be rotated, pressed, and rotated while pressed. These actions can be programmed to invoke specific responses from a range of computer applications, such as video editing, volume, brightness, media player and many more. 

The "VIAL" software allows for custom configuration for each software application. A video editing program can use the BNR1 to scroll through the timeline. Or it can be configured to scroll through your browser page history and push to refresh. It would also work well for breakout-style games.

What are some examples of BNR1 use cases?

  • Audio control - Volume up, volume down
  • Scrolling -Scrolling up, scrolling down
  • Tabbing - Moving between browser tabs 
  • Window movement - Movement between the previous window or the next window 
  • History scrubbing
  • Undo or redo 
  • Scrolling horizontally
  • And many more!

Surface Finish

  • Brass -  Sand Blasted
  • White Aluminium - eCoating
  • Black  Aluminium - sand blasted and anodizing

What's in the box?

  • 1 x  BNR1
  • 1 x  Braided Type-C Cable


  • Groupbuy start date: Sep 10th, 2022
  • Groupbuy end date:  Oct 3rd, 2022
  • Estimated shipping date: Dec 2022 

International Vendors:

US: Dangkeebs

CA: Keyspresso

UK: Proto[Typist]

EU: Candykeys

IN: Stacks KB

CN: zFrontier


Please note:

  • This is a group-buy. A group-buy is essentially a group of people combining their money together to make a bulk order with a manufacturer.
  • The final product may vary slightly in color from the images viewed on this page.
  • With any group-buy, there can be unforeseen delays and set-backs. The estimated shipment date is only an estimate.
  • There are no refunds, or cancellations on these orders.
  • By purchasing this item, you agree that you understand everything above.

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