DrewKeys Rubber-Silicone Films

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From DrewKeys:

New Films are here!

120x per pack!

What's the difference?: 

These new films are now die-cut and ordered through a manufacturer rather than being home-made in my (DrewKeys) garage. Dimensions are tighter, more accurate, and generally look more aesthetically pleasing. Compression ratios are better, as the material is softer than before. They now ship in easy to peel sheets rather than all in a single bag. (Check the video link!) 


Fits all switches meant for thicker films! (Cherry, Gateron, JWK's, etc. all good) 


One of the (if not the most) thickest switch film that still perfectly fits the majority of switches due to the compression of the rubber silicone material. Comes in 4x5 sheets packaged in resealable bag. 


I find putting the switch films on the top housing makes it easier to apply than to put it traditionally on the bottom housing. There should be two tiny bumps on the top housing on the side where the leaf would be. Make sure the films are between the two bumps and the top housing legs! Once you've put the films in this way, they should be perfectly be aligned.