BIOI Quad Flexcut PCB - 60%

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BIO Instruments' quad cut 60% PCBs are designed to offer the most features a PCB can offer at a fair price. These PCBs feature flex cuts, which soften the bottom out feeling typically experienced with "harder" builds (for example: tray mount, top mount with a steel or brass plate....). 


These quad flex cut PCBs introduce a flex cut between each row of the PCB to maximize the soft and bouncy typing effect sought after from premium custom keyboards.


Whether it's hot swap or soldered, these PCBs are sure to support your preferred 60% layout. Clever hot swap socket placement allows for ISO support, split right shift, split spacebar, 7U bottom row, 6.25U bottom row, and split backspace- no soldering required!

Need a soldered version for added sturdiness? The soldered version will support the same layouts. 


The majority of keyboard cases are designed around the dimensions of the classic Poker and GH60 60% PCBs. If your keyboard uses this standard PCB size, you will be able to use this PCB with it. 

You can use the supplied daughterboard (designed around the Ai03 daughterboard standard) and JST cable, or the on-board left side USB C port.


  • Designed by Basic I.O. Instruments (BIOI)
  • USB C
  • Uses standardized dimensions based on the GH60 to fit a majority of 60% cases. 
  • Available in hot swap and soldered versions
  • Layout support for: I SO support, split right shift, split spacebar, 7U bottom row, 6.25U bottom row, and split backspace. Please note images for direction on how to use the layouts.