Keyboard Build Services

Keyspresso offers assembly, desoldering, and lubing based in the GTA, Canada. All work is performed by our service technicians.

Prices are in CAD and are subject to change. Note that prices are approximations only and are provided as estimates. Final prices will not be the same due to the nature of repair and assembly work- each job can vary, so we cannot provide accurate prices until the work is done.

Build Consultation

Are you new to mechanical keyboards? We can help you! Click here to learn a bit about what you can expect from getting into custom keyboards!

We offer one-on-one consultation services for $5.00 CAD to help you obtain your perfect keyboard. This service charge will be applied to your build order as a credit once we have performed build services for you. 

During this consultation, we will work with you to recommend, evaluate, and source parts based on your requirements. You will provide us with a budget, preferred layout, switches, etc., and we will help you purchase the parts, perform any customizations, and assemble your new keyboard.

Switch Lubing Services

We charge $1.00 CAD per switch. Film is available for an optional $0.05 CAD per switch.

We also lubricate and tune stabilizers. The cost of this service is $2.00 CAD per stabilizer unit.

Desoldering Services

Our desoldering services remove soldered switches from your board.  Desoldering services are performed using a Hakko FR301 desoldering gun.




Starting at $25.00 CAD

75/80% (TKL)

Starting at $35.00 CAD


Starting at $42.00 CAD

Assembly (Soldering) Services

Our assembly services solder switches onto your PCB. Please note that you will need to provide switches and stabilizers. Assembly services include stabilizer clipping and lubing. 




Starting at $36.60 CAD

75/80% (TKL)

Starting at $48.00 CAD


Starting at $57.60 CAD

Service Upcharges

Some assembly services have added complexities that will result in an upcharge that we can't estimate until the work is done. 

  • Mill Max / Hot Swap
  • LEDs
  • Throughole builds (Discipline 65, Mysterium, LCK75, etc.)


Our service technicians are experienced with a number of keyboards including:

  • Duck - Octagon V3/ Orion V3
  • TX -  TX-75v2/ TX-87PC
  • Singa - Unikorn/ Singa75 V3
  • Filco - Minila (switch swaps)
  • DROP (Massdrop) - CTRL
  • KBDFans - KBD67v1/ KBD75v1/ KBD75v2/ DZ60/ Tofu60
  • Anne Pro 2 (switch swaps)
  • HHHH - PC Salamander
  • Lin - Lin Whale
  • AEBoards - Aegis1800
  • LazyDesigners - THE60
  • Iris v2.5
  • Ergodox
  • cftkb - Mysterium TKL
  • NovelKeys - NK65