Build Consultation Services


We offer one-on-one consultation services to help you with a variety of needs:

  • Finding the right mechanical keyboard for you
  • Sourcing and recommending parts for you
  • Teaching sessions to help you learn how to build your keyboard

These consultation sessions can be done over e-mail, over the phone, over Discord video conferencing, or in person as needed.

All consultation services require an initial deposit of $50.00 USD (or CAD equivalent) prior to beginning as consulting is very time-demanding. Once you agree to pursue our services, you will be sent an invoice before we resume discussing your needs and build.

You will be further invoiced for additional deposits as the consultation progresses, depending on what work we will be doing for you. This is usually to cover purchases we make on your behalf and for build services.

Teaching sessions

If you are completely new to mechanical keyboards, we offer one-on-one in-person sessions where you can personally explore various switches, keycaps, and build types (eg. gasket mount).

These sessions will allow you to personally and physically understand what goes on in a mechanical keyboard and how to build your own mechanical keyboard from a hot swap kit. You will get an idea of what impacts the acoustics and feel of a keyboard and also learn how to assemble and customize a mechanical keyboard. 

Contact us for availability. Sessions will be held in the North York region. 

Lessons on assembly can also be done over video conferencing. 

Sourcing and recommending parts

During this type of consultation, we will work with you to recommend, evaluate, and source parts based on your requirements. Give us any details about your dream board and we'll ask you questions to get a sense of what we can really do. 

Some of the things we will want to know are your budget, preferred layout, and preferred typing feel. We'll use this information to make suggestions and comparisons against boards you're familiar with. If you would like an in-person experience to get a sense of what you want, that can also be done.

We will help you purchase the parts, perform any customizations, and assemble your new keyboard for you. 

Please note:

  • Customized mechanical keyboards are expensive products. Expect to spend, at a minimum, $500 CAD for a fully built keyboard made of plastic and using budget keycaps.
  • We charge a 10% fee for our time spent sourcing parts and performing assembly.
  • We cannot do miracles and find absolutely anything.
  • You will need to expect that parts may be pre-owned.

This type of consultation requires additional deposits prior to us making purchases and running products by you for approval.