Update: Replacements for printed Switch Openers

An Update on Switch Openers

With growth, comes growing pains.

Our most recent batch (purple) were too narrow. They are too tight to open and remove switches.

As such, I have placed an immediate hold on selling any/all printed openers. Earlier batches (green/brown/coffee/orange) should not be affected. I am offering replacements for anyone affected in this recent batch.

I would like to apologize for any frustrations or damage this has caused. I sought out to print something that wasn't the standard opener which would fail after 50 uses. I feel awful that these openers ended up in customer hands.

Recently, I have increased the number of 3D printers available for the store, and replaced old nozzles. I believe this is what caused the prints to change ever so slightly.

If you were someone who has a opener from this problem batch that is too tight, or if you are unhappy with it: Please use the ticket system in Discord OR send me a email with your order number.

To make sure your replacement is up to standard - I am currently addressing the issue and updating the prints. It should be a few days (3-4) before I can print & verify enough that I feel comfortable selling again. I will verify all replacements before sending them out.

Thank you for your support and understanding.



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