Spring Update

Spring will be here tomorrow and our shop and services are in need of some refreshing even though snow is still falling here in Toronto. 

Clearance Sales

We’ve got a lot of inventory to clear out in order to make room for new inventory later this year. New items will be slowly added to our clearance section and the front page along with special deals.

Order Fulfilment

Order fulfillment has slowed down for some time with a target of 1 week to ship out orders. This will still be the case for the spring.

New Inventory

There are a few things we still need to add to the shop and have been slow to get around to. Expect the return of o rings and more Merro PCBs soonTM as well.

Build Services and Repairs

We’re pausing new orders for build services as of March 20 until June 1st to attend to other business needs and look after old equipment.

If you have existing work with us, we will still be fulfilling your work orders during this time.

For repairs, we will still be taking on repair work. Contact services@keyspresso.ca or use the website chat.

Thank you!

It’s been around 4 years (what’s a birthday?) since Keyspresso started up and we’re grateful for your business and support over the years. A few more prominent vendors have gone under over the years so we are thankful to still be around even if our presence has diminished over time.

Let’s just say we have learned a lot from group buy experiences too.

Trying to keep up with operating a small business on a part-time schedule means things fall into cracks from time to time. Thank you for being patient with us and keeping up the communication. It helps!


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