Group Buy Updates 2022-05-19

Group Buys Awaiting Fulfillment

(check discord for more detail - and if you have general questions you'd like answered in real time)

Epbt 6085

  • (2022-5-19)
    KBDFans updated that most of the base kits and numpad kits are done. No other timeline updates. Artisans have been updated timeline of next month.

Radiance TKL

  • (2022-5-19)
    After a lengthy back and forth. We've got shipping to us. Its on sea freight, so its going to be a while before I know exactly what kind of timeline I'm working with. Once I get better details, I will be sending out the dreaded 'shipping cost emails' which its a fairly tiny charge of 20-ish dollars shipping.
  • For more details: 
    Basically, somethings happened and we're trying our best to get the product here quickly/ reasonably. This involved us forking out a ton of money to ship the product due to various restrictions.

    Coding and Wave Deskmats

    • (2022-5-19) Replacements are being manufactured. I've been notified that several colorways are done being remade. Looking to ship to us after that.

        JTK Azure

        • (2022-5-19) I've gone ahead and bugged the main distributing vendor about this. Unfortunately I've been hit with 'covid' reasons on preventing them from shipping to us. I've sent a handful of emails requesting for more steps I can take with no avail.


        • (2022-04-08) I believe these are shipping soon

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