Group Buy updates 2021-12-13

Group Buys Awaiting Fulfillment

(check discord for more detail - and if you have general questions you'd like answered in real time)

Radiance TKL

  • (2021-08-28) Near the end of production
  • (2021-08-01) Still in production
  • (2021-10-16) Awaiting update from manu
  • (2021-11-1) Production is complete. Sorting for shipping
  • (2021-11-26) Due to power restrictions in China during this time. Some parts had to be re-made and due to delays from said power restrictions - the production period has been extended. Looking at December shipping.
  • (2021-12-13) No real update. Hoping for the factory to complete on time. But reality is that the factories in the region are restricted to 1 day of full production per week. Which, if the original estimate was say, 4-7 weeks for refinishing the parts (at 100% capacity), we are looking at multiple times magnitude of delay. This is assuming that the power situation does not improve.

    Coding and Wave Deskmats

    • Coding and Wave Deskamts have arrived
    • (I forgot to mark date on when we did this) - We have QC'd them and will fulfill in a order# procedure QC was not 100%, we have sorted them to the best of our ability. We're hoping that our extras can cover all the orders despite the high fail rate.
    • (2021-10-13) 
      I've sent out a good number of orders. I plan on doing a 'sane' amount everyday. 
      I have some concerns for some colors - mainly black++ and seaweed colorways, as it appears a >60% amount has failed and it may affect existing orders. All the vendors are reaching out on this quality concern.
    • (2021-10-16)
      We're about 50% the way through our remaining A stock. Which is bad news unfortunately. There are several colors with almost 80% fail, which means there are several orders that we cannot fulfil out of good faith.
      We and other vendors are working to procure replacements.
    • (2021-11-1) 
      Manufacturer has responded to our complaints. Waiting for action.
    • (2021-11-26)
      Sort of at an impasse. To clarify, everyone involved is working at trying to get A stock deskmats to fullfill outstanding orders. The factory is being non-cooperative as of now. We're trying to find a way to get these deskmats reproduced.
    • (2021-12-13)
      Proxies and Keyspresso are going to be starting up a new manufacturing purchase to finish the remaining A stock fullfillment.

        JTK Azure

        • Still waiting on production to conclude as of 2021-07-04
        • (2021-10-16) - No update.
        • (2021-11-1) - No update. Waiting for followup response
        • (2021-11-26) - JTK said they are currently working on novelties (my understanding is that the rest of the kit is 'done'). 
        • (2021-12-13) - No update.

        Ramen and Penguin

        • (2021-10-16) - I've contacted them about why its taking so long
          I got a reply finally and a tracking number but they told me it was stuck in a local port on their side.
        • (2021-11-1) Shipping tracking is active but no progress beyond port of export
        • (2021-12-13) Shipping tracking died. Contacted manu about it.

        Keyboard Stands

        • (2021-12-13) Stands R1 are complete. Will be opening up for 'build to order' soon.


        • (2021-12-13) Some time ago, stems had failed in terms of color matching. But now with Factories in china being held up by the power situation, deadline for completion is uncertain.

        Group Buy Extras

          B-Stock Coding and Wave

          • Unfortunately as a group with other proxies, we have decided not to sell B stock until A stock is fulfilled. 

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