Group Buy Updates 2021-10-16

Group Buys Awaiting Fulfillment

Radiance TKL

  • (2021-08-28) Near the end of production
  • (2021-08-01) Still in production
  • (2021-10-16) Awaiting update from manu. Im hoping that the news in China regarding power shortages wont affect it too badly. But in all likely hood it will.

    Coding and Wave Deskmats

    • Coding and Wave Deskamts have arrived
    • (I forgot to mark date on when we did this) - We have QC'd them and will fulfill in a order# procedure QC was not 100%, we have sorted them to the best of our ability. We're hoping that our extras can cover all the orders despite the high fail rate.
    • (2021-10-13) 
      I've sent out a good number of orders. I plan on doing a 'sane' amount everyday. 
      I have some concerns for some colors - mainly black++ and seaweed colorways, as it appears a >60% amount has failed and it may affect existing orders. All the vendors are reaching out on this quality concern.
    • (2021-10-16)
      We're about 50% the way through our remaining A stock. Which is bad news unfortunately. There are several colors with almost 80% fail, which means there are several orders that we cannot fulfil out of good faith.
      We and other vendors are working to procure replacements.

    Geekark White on Black

    • Revision: Only the colour accent kits have arrived (2021-07-12). We are still waiting for the full shipment as of 2021-09-06. Apologies for the miscommunication!
    • (2021-10-16) - No update.

      JTK Azure

      • Still waiting on production to conclude as of 2021-07-04
      • (2021-10-16) - No update.

      Ramen and Penguin

      • (2021-10-16) - I've contacted them about why its taking so long
        I got a reply finally and a tracking number but they told me it was stuck in a local port on their side.

      Group Buy Extras


      • Extras will be posted soon. 
      • Yeah, I got busy - probably this week.


        • (2021-10-16) Extras and B stock are up

        Liquid Emotion

        • Extras are up - they have been for a while. Forgot to write it here.

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