Service Deposit

Service Deposit

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This service charge is a deposit for build services. Do not purchase this item unless you intend to purchase build services.

READ CAREFULLY. Your deposit charge will be deducted from your final invoice upon the completion of build services. Your final total charges for services cannot be charged before the work is complete. Please refer to our Build Services page for more information to help you estimate the final costs.

Failure to follow the directions may lead to a refund and incur a 3.5% payment processing fee.


  1. Select your required services to place a deposit for. 
  2. Add the parts (stabilizers, sockets, switches) you will need for your service.
    1. Note: If you add parts, you will need to select "Local Pickup" as a shipping option. If this option is unavailable, select a shipping option and we will further credit the shipping amount to your final invoice.
    2. Note: please leave a note on checkout that you want us to apply the service to the items in your order. Eg. Use stabilizers you purchased with your build service.
  3. Checkout and pay for your order. You will receive an order number with your order to help track your build order.
  4. Ship or drop off your items to the address listed below. Include your order number and return address. For example, if you purchased Build Services, you will receive an order number via email. The e-mail will include a n order number (eg #9648). Add this to the your shipping address.
  5. Wait for the service to be completed.
  6. You will receive your final invoice with the deposit amount deducted.
  7. Select your shipping method and pay your invoice.
  8. Enjoy your build!

If you need help due to checkout issues, please contact us and we can send you a custom invoice.

Shipping Address:

Keyspresso Ltd
ATTN: [Your order number here]
180 Wedgewood Drive
North York, Ontario
M2M 2H9