[Limited] - merro60 PCB

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Created by u/darth_domo

This PCB is designed with additional cuts to allow you to gummy o-ring mount without having to modify your 60% case or file your PCB. 

Comes in USB-C and JST compatible with Universal daughterboard version.

Extra compatible plate available.

See the original: video
AndyVNguyen's: Video 


  • solder PCB for MX and ALPS switches

  • atmega32u4

  • USB-C (& unified daughterboard footprint / connections if you choose to add later)

  • 60% form factor

  • layout options

    • stepped / full caps lock

    • full / split backspace

    • ansi / iso enter

    • full / split left shift

    • full / split right shift

    • ansi / tsangan bottom row with 10u spacebar option

  • south-facing switches

  • no LED / RGB

  • single flex-cut mounting tab under the spacebar to ensure PCB can't "fall out" under extreme circumstances (I don’t recommend cutting fr4, but if done safely, the cut-out area is made large enough that the tab could be removed and the case post shouldn’t interfere with the pcb)

  • possible to use screw-in stabilizer for spacebar (refer to build guide)