RGB Hotswap Numpad v2

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Miss having a numpad in your life after getting into customs? Looking for a macro pad for your favorite functions?

No worries, this fully built hot swappable number pad will do the job- no soldering required. And it has RGB backlight and under glow if you are into that sort of thing.

Built with hot swappable Kailh hot swap sockets and complete with Cherry clip-in stabilizers. It’s also compatible with QMK and VIA so you can also customize it as a macro pad.

Perfect if you miss having a numpad and for breaking in and testing switches.

Comes in Black or Frosted top.

Features and Specifications:

  • QMK-compatible
  • Kailh hot swap sockets
  • Made of stacked acrylic
  • Includes Cherry clip in stabilizers
  • Now South facing

V2 Files: Discord: 


V1 Files: (Zip for JSON + HEX): https://discord.com/channels/683429418051305509/810249954236694609/810250215339982919

Does not include switches or keycaps.

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