Giant - Symmetric Long Springs (100)

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A favorite from the Giant series of switches, known for their great pre-loaded effect and harvested for their unique springs- now available for purchase on their own!

These gold-plated extra long uniform springs feel remarkably snappy and responsive while remaining true to their weighting. That’s because of a tighter mid-coil, which, unlike regular springs, create an even feel during compression.

Their elongated spring length and wider diameter also maximizes the travel distance of the stem, keeping it seated in place at the top of the housing- further reducing stem wobble.

Want a closer look? Check out our comparison photos against similarly weighted springs.

Try them with your favorite switches. They’re great with linears and even better with tactiles.


19.3mm length

4.0mm diameter

Comes in 62g or 67g as packs of 100


Weightings reflect bottom out force and may vary slightly. Please note that springs may arrive tangled. We recommend you exercise caution with detangling them. We won't be responsible for destroyed springs!