3D Printed RGB Hotswap Numpad

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Our popular hot swappable numpad knobpads are back! Now, they are available with 3D printed PLA layers that better support a wide range of stabilizers, an improved 7 degree typing angle, and updated with south facing LEDs

Obligatory: This is the numpad case + pcb only. Does not  come with stabilizers, keycaps or switches.


If you miss having a numpad in your life, need a macropad, or want something smaller to break in and test the latest switches, these are for you. They even feature a rotary encoder for convenient volume and media control- or whatever you configure it to do for you.

For this preorder round, we’re offering two base variations: Cotton White PLA and Charcoal Black PLA. Expected fulfillment in late September subject to change as the preorder phase progresses due to limitations in production, procurement, and shipping.


Features and Specifications:

  • Keyspresso in-house designed and manufactured 3D print PLA layers
  • Compatible with V2 numpad acrylic cases- mix and match!
  • QMK and VIA compatible 
  • Kailh hot swap sockets
  • Knob!
  • 7 degree angle
  • 1.5mm sandwich mount PLA plate
  • Now South facing

V2 Files: Discord: 


V1 Files: (Zip for JSON + HEX): https://discord.com/channels/683429418051305509/810249954236694609/810250215339982919

Does not include switches or keycaps.

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