Shipping Services

We offer the following services for shipping:

Canadian Shipping

* Note: If you order using Xpresspost, we may mark it as Expedited Parcel upon shipping due to limitations with our shipping systems.

*Note: Delivery standards provided by Canada Post are provided when the parcel has been transferred to them. Our Handling times are separate.

US Shipping


    • Canada Post International Tracked (Insurance up to $100 CAD)


    • All shipping methods use national postal services. This means that your package will be handed off to USPS, Royal Mail, etc. once they reach the destination country.
    • Canada Post may not offer tracking with their shipping services. There is nothing we can do to prevent you from being able to purchase these services. Please check their website for information on the shipping service you are considering purchasing. We have never had a problem with orders being delivered with these methods even without tracking. If you would still like to have tracking with your order, select a service with "XPRESSPOST" in the name.

    Free Shipping

    • Free Shipping to US and Canada with total basket of $250 USD or approximately $325 CAD
    • Free shipping to US on small items when total is over $75 USD
      • Lube, Stabilizers, Films, Springs, Switches, Tools etc.
      • Does not include deskmats, keycaps, or similar larger items like stands or lube stations.

    Route Insurance

    Route Insurance is an optional additional purchase you can make upon placing your order to cover risks associated with shipping and delivery. For more information on the coverage Route provides, please visit their website here.

    Do not purchase Route Insurance for Group Buy purchases! Route will not honour claims for Group Buys and preorders due to the time gap between when it is purchased, and when these orders are shipped out.

    Do not purchase Route Insurance with your Lettermail order! There is no insurance for Lettermail. Purchasing Route insurance will not cover any losses incurred for Lettermail. 


    If you have placed an order with a tracked delivery option, you will be notified of your tracking number through e-mail.

    Please note that there may be a delay before tracking numbers have been scanned in by your courier.

    You will not receive tracking on Lettermail orders.

    Help! My tracked package hasn't arrived!


    • Your tracking says your order was delivered, but you have not received it
    • Your tracking status has not changed for over one week
    • Your tracking status says something unexpected

      We advise that you contact the courier regarding the status of your package so that they can begin to investigate the issue. Vendors have the same level of access to tracking as customers (we are all customers to the shipping companies after all).

      In some cases, the recipient address causes issues. We recommend that you use the address provided through Canada Post or USPS's address lookup tools to avoid possible delays due to address issues.

      We will evaluate your situation on a case by case basis. Depending on your situation, we may offer to replace your order out of pocket. Please note that generally the responsibility of a vendor ends when the package has been handed off to the postal service. We will try our best to help but know that the liability ends there and there's a serious chance that there may be nothing we can do.

      Making a Claim

      If you need to make a claim for a lost package, please contact us and we will work with you to help you with the claim.

      Other Questions

      What happened to Local Delivery?!

      Local Delivery was offered as a more affordable shipping option for our local customers. Unfortunately, it was a lot of work for us to personally do, and it was confusing for new customers.

      We no longer offer this service. Now, we offer Lettermail as an affordable alternative to tracked shipping for small orders.

      Local Pickup is still available for our local customers.

      How long until my order ships?

      Orders are typically shipped the next business day (or occasionally 2). If there are delays to shipping, we will attempt to contact you. At the end of the day, we are currently full time workers outside of Keyspresso. We will do our best to fulfill orders as soon as possible.