Place a Build Order

If you are interested in our build services, please purchase our Service Deposit item and get in touch with us using the contact form below. While this is technically an optional step, we will treat service with this already purchased with higher priority.

Information to include:

  • Your order number including the Service Deposit item
  • The services you need (consultation, soldering, desoldering, switch lubing)
  • The keyboard and parts you need serviced


For pricing information, please visit this page to learn more about our services. Please note that prices are approximations only and are provided as estimates. 

What kind of services will I need?

Many jobs require a combination of services to complete. Here is a list of commonly requested jobs and the services they require:

  • Hot Swap / Mill Max: This requires assembly services. We can sell you sockets if you do not have sockets to provide us for the work.
  • Rebuilding a built board: This requires desoldering and assembly services. You will need to provide your own switches. Lubing services are optional.
  • Purchasing your first keyboard: Try our consulting services to help you determine what you will need. Assembly services may be required for soldered PCBs. Switch lubing is optional.

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